youth; a compass for field trips

out to our residential library; of

loose change stabbed into vending

machines; churning fizzy soda in

their sparkly neon hues; slipping

fingers through unwounded glass;

latching unto the unraveling wind.


tapping to the beat of familiar tunes;

as they bridge the gaps of muddled

years; adolescence at it’s prime; an

ideal setting for our youth ripening;

a widening blossom; too far lost.



a world through these

filtered lens of whimsical

blurs; gleaming portraits

of passing strangers; idolised

and wrapped in foils of gold;

placed upon jewelled pedestals.



deep plums in summer

trickles; like hot sweat

down my chin; as I wilt

in it’s warm recognition.



a stroll into the waning afternoon

with eyes raised upward; the allure

of an ordinary light felt magnetic; in

that moment; tucked beneath bounty of

breath-breeding earth; i could not turn

my cheeks; in the careless ignorance;

towards the hope of another new day.




you can choose to hide

away in secrecy; from what

taints your soul into stains

of discolouration; you may

seek; to feather your ache

into a whirling blur of lies;

you may decide; to swiftly

recollect your fractured bits

before curtains are draped

before these savage eyes.




we are strung into this world;

and urged to apologise for the

few certain sad days; hovering

above us, like guardians of doom.




navy sky

observe in the quiet awe

of solitude; with a soul or

two; you preserve in the

cavity of your chest; and

rest amidst the forlorn field

of navy skies; in a silenced

reverence of it’s mild beauty



there was salt in my wound;

pieces of the sea between the

gaps of my gums; a swig of salt

water; swishing to ease her swell

wild sheep

sleep; like wild sheep’s chase

a hurried song, hurled into this

tornado; withering and dusted

into a muddle of scattered matter.