navy sky

observe in the quiet awe

of solitude; with a soul or

two; you preserve in the

cavity of your chest; and

rest amidst the forlorn field

of navy skies; in a silenced

reverence of it’s mild beauty



there was salt in my wound;

pieces of the sea between the

gaps of my gums; a swig of salt

water; swishing to ease her swell

wild sheep

sleep; like wild sheep’s chase

a hurried song, hurled into this

tornado; withering and dusted

into a muddle of scattered matter.


an old pine tree

crackles like a whisper;

gentle flames; turning to dust.


it is easy to be swept beneath

the charm of celebrations; in

all that is grand and joyous; let

us remain still; in this pronounced

pain-as i rewrite my sorrows; in a

language you are unable to read; so

in this; is the clarity of a few simple

truths; carried into infinite eternities.




a childhood; devoured by

ingesting an abundance of

seeds; sown with fear and

nourished in the fermented

grounds of perishable sorrows.




resist not the ebb of flow;

immerse your entirety in

fragments; as the current

of an under tide; sweeps all

within it’s boundaries; adrift.


extract; a collective of ideals

from the pedestals shaping

your love; and look beyond

the excess (you pinch away);

the crinkles (you criticise)

search between these pockets

of mockery; and discover all

that is of worthy cause; you.



watch your breath

sink into your flesh;

as shells lurch their

openings; into a stream

of sun-softened ripples.