our thirst, remains

unrelieved; and so flung

into the bleak hollow of

vague, predestined gravity.

water tight

fist snaked around my lungs,

in the lurch of fleeting wings,

within the space, from which

a stream ebbs; into constraints,

corners bleeding; not water tight.


straining myself against

the grain; I breathe my

love for you – out and watch

as it swiftly leans into a cradle,

spun by the open world; I ration

my faith, as if it’s shortage would

mean demise, and instead bear

the brunt of despair, of sacrifice.

eye of rage

in the eye of rage; words

spun from my tongue, like

sharpened daggers aimed for

the crux of her soul; oblivious

to suffering, it made an apt return

into my own- misled by all thought

of former absolution; the truth of

another’s pain; merged quietly,

into my bones; signalling forgiveness.


every part, stung like hot

sweat in my eyes; trickling

glimmers like a waterfall;

leaving the earth, bursting

open into a new life; taste of

hope like life; licking lips in

fervent anticipation; only not

mine, not my life; this time.