little ones

these children are

reminders to me of;

laughter and lightness

both of which, i flail

my hands in exasperation

in an attempt to relearn




little travis boy;

eyes set alit

in wild joy

at the thought of

multiple colours;

mingling amidst a

sparkled pool of

tones in complete;


learning journey

I am journeying through an endless route. though one unstable, and barely sustainable – this is what has found me and where I am meant to be in this moment.

these years of teaching and learning alongside unique individuals, has richened my quality of learning and living. the challenging experiences of which i’ve encountered has deepened my knowledge of our human nature, our abilities to learn and grasp skills and concepts, and our differences and difficulties likewise; rendering us, such unique sparkles in this greying age of society. education, has never occurred to me as something advantageous to myself. i’ve always hoped my guidance, would shed a light; once unseen, unknown of. an opportunity for those around me, to realise their potential brewing beneath their shortcomings. i’ve always believed in the value of every soul (even when it was difficult to visualise the worth my own) my approach has shifted immensely over the years. some call this change, but i’d like to call it growing – both of which are inevitably interconnected.

i am grateful to be steered into this direction; be it through nature’s force or an innate will of my own. in a formal teaching approach, discipline is used as a method of restricting students into developing mannerisms which are deemed ‘socially correct’. discipline is necessary; however the way in which it is carried out, determines how it is reacted upon, and extended throughout a child’s life. the contributing factors to a child’s development are countless, though discipline is one i recall having experienced most, growing up. it’s authoritative hand, was a punishment- one to be feared and wept after.

surely, embracing one’s individual qualities is an essential part of holistic learning. yet, why is this such a challenge for parents, educators, members of society? does this disconnection exist in our inability or refusal to accept what is foreign to us?

an interference with a child’s natural learning ability and development, could at first seem as harmless as telling them ‘this is wrong’ or ‘no, you’re not doing this correctly’. it is vital for us to walk into mistakes and failures alike; and decide if this is what’s right for ourselves. this is an essential part of self-growth and one to be uncovered by ourselves. sure, a little help along the way would be great – but let that be a voice of encouragement. place aside superiority of being a greater other, simply because you are years ahead in experience; does not put a cap to your learning capacity.

growth, does not require a defined path. plants no matter how withered or luscious, grow in directions not only vertical. they swirl, and whirl themselves around and under – but always towards the light.

let this be a reminder, that there is no ascertained way of growing, of learning.

non’s pot

I asked non if she would like her pinch-pot to be glazed – ‘shiny’

to which she replied “shiny is not always good”





words of wisdom from my 8 year old student:

  1. It’s not good to have mos burger (Japanese fast food chain) daily
  2. try not to focus on the feeling
  3. fruit roll-ups are good for you and youtube has good recipe videos
  4. it’s no use having 20 packets of snacks with nobody to share with
  5. you should not go into the sea if you have tattoos on your body (the lifeguard might think you are a shark)