love all you do

you do not have to acquire

the virtue of what is holy

or be exceptional / skilled

at what you enjoy doing

I encourage you to love

what you do / do all you do

with love, at the pulse of

each beat;  softening

dark light

swim thoughts: now able to reflect upon my initial distraught at having witnessed a beagle left alone in the dark. feel like my thoughtfulness was marred by an inability to view both stories. the compassion i held for this animal, was in a slight way erased by the heat of fluster I felt towards the person/s who saw this through. frustration, unknowingly accumulated grew into a dark tunnel; veiling my sight.

cruelty on occasion, arrives in various forms

old fears

the resurfacing of old fears;

tired ones you thought were

done; long entrenched in wells

of soil; buried with a sole desire

of purging it out of existence; it

breeds like a fire grown wild from

howls of wind; so cast these demons

out of me; before I too, fall to the sunken

shrubs of my knees; in utter surrender for

this white flag; a faint quiver in the storm.


this treasured ability you

possess; is in turn too; the

return of what consumes you.



why do we anticipate

pain; like it is meant

for us – landlords; as if

claiming ownership for

what ultimately belongs

to none other than this

land; laid beneath our feet

growth system

we thrive in this system

of absolute reliance; on

the triumphant success

and unjust downfalls of

another; drawing upon

them; conclusions though

inaccurate- in order to

redefine and establish our

personal growth; only in

accordance to the shallow

view we ascertain from

our eyes pointed; downward




despite darkness;

lift your hands in

gratitude; for the

utter abundance

that surrounds

your core


an internal plea for forgiveness, was murmured – but it never left my head. as my pupils strain themselves; reading words of my own, written to another. forgive me, i want to say. for the times i grew brittle and cold. yet, in turn rotated the blame and inflicted it unto you. you were a mirror, who held up a reflection for a person i did not want to meet in the eye. for the nights, i spoke with brutal honesty, without any consideration for your threshold for holding hurt. for the words, i threw across the room in a thoughtless rage. there were too many times, my speech churned themselves into a spell of misconstrued intentions; this was what i should have considered apologising for.

my empathy escapes me, and once again; i am consumed by the wrath of pride.

27/4 11.03

perhaps, part of the reason i choose to orbit myself in relentless metaphors is because i am completely and utterly afraid of confronting my true desires and uncertainties. it is difficult to express anything in a direct manner; without being presented with the raw, unrefined and honest shape of matters at hand.

words, possess a fierce grip on both the writer and viewer; upon being written, narrated – enunciated; painstakingly part by part.



knot / sight

tonight, my spirit is

hung like bundled yarn

structured coils, guard

it’s belly; the middle from

where loose ends, fray into

a spiteful sight of common

litter. this night, my being

is half-strung – equally

knotted amongst this

tangled mess of

pointless ponder.