moon tales

it was a little before 11.38 pm, on a saturday night i should have been tucked beneath my covers in preparation for an early rising. i stood before the wooden arched window frame, lining the concrete walls around our kitchen sink. gently tapping my supplements from the bottle and into my palm, i moved across tiles in search for a glass of water.

behind the peeling frames, was a faint glimmer of something bright. this caught my eye upon looking up and around whilst gulping down swallows of fluid. mistaking it at first, for a street lamp, awkwardly and placed at random; it took me a little longer than it should have, to discover that this was indeed our moon.

certainly, a remarkable beauty. it’s glow radiating in soft circles across our night sky. i felt warm and encouraged, at the sight and experience of having seen a tiny bright, shimmer amidst such dark, indigo planes. it was nothing like a sparkle, nor did the sky appear to be set on fire; it was a simple, ever so common sighting. there was nothing extravagant, nor peculiar about it.

perhaps it’s unexpected appearance had propelled the essence of what had occurred before me. the value of a light no matter how microscopic, amidst vast darkness; dense and heavy was something to be thankful for. the purpose of this light, was simply to offer light unto the earth; first beginning with it’s home up in our night sky.

the moon continued to sit in stillness, despite knowing of it’s setting in a mere few hours. it was there to just be, for these few moments, and for this present one – now.




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