technology’s wound

one’s access to technology has enabled them with an opportune moment to tap, into social media. platforms are aplenty, and there is certainly no shortage of any. written, visual and audio mediums are uploaded directly unto any individual’s chosen outlet. within the click of a button, swipe of a window and in less time that it takes to make a good cuppa – a critically selected window from person’s life is swiftly transformed, into mere entertainment for another.

it varies of course; a skill-based tutorial on hand building furniture, a review on the latest box-office hit, a sponsored haul made by a celebrity blogger. the internet, chiming in with it’s buds, do make for a smaller, cozier, more intimate world. technology presents us with an endless array of choices. with a visual palette of primed ideologies before us, we may select our points of interest carelessly, resulting in a series of slayed comparisons between ourselves and ‘the others’. alternatively, in adopting a constructive and more thoughtful approach, we may be able to utilize the functions of technology in ways, which could improve ourselves, primarily as individuals and gradually as more contributing members in society.

the effect of impulses, and technology at hand can prove to be either a 1. positive push, propelling eagerness and curiosity, and encouraging a willing spirit to learn 2. or wrecking device; a driver in the front seat of blatant comparison and decreased self-worth


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