glitter is not gold

a stranger, whom I know a limited well of information about; looks me in the eye. he does not mean to pry, and does not do so with force nor sly intention. approaching with steady caution, he maintains remarkable tact through his thoughtful speech; as he asks ‘what makes you feel uncomfortable about it?’ I understand, in absolute clarity the context of his question. as i begin to brace my thoughts, in a slow stutter, leaving my lips in mumbles; crumbling. it feels, like the shattering of sugared glass. a brutal, betrayal my words begin to expose.

I want to tell him everything. the broken inside of me; the parts of me so lost, in blind-chase for iron will. in an attempt to find the words, i feel. I embark on this pathless route, towards the faithful. loyalty, is important and respectable. nauseating guilt, rises to the surface. clouding the brims of glass cases, and staining areas; previously untouched, and hidden.



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