judgment looming

the life of comparison and senseless competition, is a one apart from peace and compassion. should we, choose to conclude the sheer lives of others; as free from sin, and basking only in freedom and glamour – is the aching inability, to empathise with both the external, and ourselves. one is never simply, incapable of empathy, understanding nor acceptance. rather, it is the negotiation between our souls and self consciousness- that renders our incoherence in seeing, through tainted glass; the lives of others.

we tend to wear our thoughts thin, in criticism for another’s behaviour, personality, doings. little knowing, that what we claim to be so critical of, is logically what we fear ourselves from becoming. these traits, and innate characteristics of another; is something we see inherent within us. our subconscious settings, convince us of the possibility of these ‘negative’ traits, flourishing and relishing in any opportunity, present.


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