differences aside.

we, are more alike than we are different

superficial differences are just that – skin deep, retaining a faced sort of value. it is not my intention to brush these factors aside, as mere issues which are not cause for any concern. these, genetic components are inherent and usually unchangeable. Our society seeks a progressive growth which can only arise from these differences. The contribution of our varying ideologies, values and attitudes towards given subject matters, is vital for survival.

Diversity is essential in living. It’s place, in developing a system from which each individual is able to draw reference from another. It is a learning curve, one which not many choose to remain open to. perhaps, this stems from an innate stance of humane arrogance. An attitude, expected and accepted into normalcy. the thought that another person’s idea, is deemed irrelevant.

We attain a  physical understanding of the way a person looks, the manner in which he/she behaves, or the words they speak. What we gain from this initial understanding, is often acted upon immediately. It reels an only natural response, often conjured rashly in moments of uncontrollable anger, or pleasantly in sheer delight.




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