spiral of self care

An unresolved desire, resides deep within the soul of humanity. We all possess an incessant yearning, to not go unnoticed – a space carved in our silhouettes, beneath a streak of light – for us to occupy. We hunger, to be heard. In hope that our struggles with not be overlooked, our achievements be celebrated, and the raw honesty of our characters; cherished. Our true nature, to be coddled like sweet treasure.

Some bask in the comfort and beauty of the solitude self. These of which, are often simply split seconds, lost in time, or we are never truly alone. Although there may not be a physical companion in sight, or surrounding – we fall readily, into the open arms of books, knitting yarns, billowy pillows for afternoon naps. Companionship is often disguised as hobbies we enjoy, our favourite foreign film, a brisk walk amongst withering plants; and a small, quietly running stream. Listen.

Silent beauty, surrounds us. And this is how, we trample carelessly, into love for all around us; and in that, reentering the spiral of caring for oneself…


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