for convenience sake

Multitudes of material fixations, are the constant currency present in our world today.

We, whom thread the paths on earth, in this century – have never owned as much in previous existence. Our living conditions are incomparable to eras ago; our shelter built sturdy and strong does not crumble at the gust of stormy winds. For instance, our accessibility to technology, gifts us with an opportunity to remain connected with loved ones.

This is something convenient and precious, yet it’s significance is often subdued and made lightly of. We no longer wait upon the delivery of snail mails, even fresh groceries can be selected with the click of a button, a swipe with our nimble fingers!

The notion of immediacy, gradually forms within our internal expectations. Often without our awareness, we slip into this action, part choice, half unknowingly; simply because – monkey sees, and does what monkey sees.

We are spoiled rotten; for choice, opportunity, self progression – yet, we have never been unhappier. Off center, uneasy and restless; a paperweight sitting heavily and largely, unwanted.

Where do the roots of this issue stray towards? More significantly, what can we do as individuals, to stagger this inner turmoil – residing in each one of us?






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