mind’s eye

A deep slumber, is not necessarily a restful one. Eyelids, warm and soft; slip into silence. There is the cricketing of night insects; mild but wild. drips of moisture, hitting the tin roof at unsettling intervals.

The night body, stores beyond a day’s worth of weight. Both mind and body alike, are known for their abilities to store and hoard. Latching it’s grip unto any memory the mind subconsciously hurls towards it. In a similar manner, our physical bodies, store energy and fluids – these of which, are advantageous to ourselves. Furthermore, this process is a necessary biological compulsion.

I am intrigued with how the human mind processes thought and memory. The connection between how a singular thought is translated and stored in our memory box, has baffled me for the longest time. Despite reading up on the medical scientific explanations behind this, I am certain there are more empathetic views on these theories.

Our minds, are such powerful tools for transformation.

In future writings, I hope to reflect more upon these issues. While referencing incidents from daily living. Perhaps, reawakening myself to the fragility of memory, in time and space.


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