lessons from the sky

the night before last, the skies embraced evening in a peculiar manner. there was not a gradual gradient to be seen, of light slipping under the covers of musky clouds. the disappearance was sudden; like a flash of lightning before our eyes. it was here, and then it was gone. perhaps it did not take place when we were looking. maybe in between the blink of an eye, the setting found a swift pace. hence it’s mode of vanishing was all the more made, unexpected.

the sea of sky above me, veiled with deep tones of navy. shifting into darker hues tinted indigo, clouds brushed against one another; with a certain wonder and gentleness i wished to attain. reflecting upon their passing. rolling by ever so slowly but nonetheless; moving.

in this journey of continuous learning and growing; there are ways in which these lessons find us, and too, how we seek them out. it is often very difficult, to remain aware and present; realizing that each passing moment does in fact, want to share their stories with us. what makes us difficult to relate, is perhaps our stance in all of this. it isn’t at all logical to compare a human being with the natural force of nature, is it? Sensibly speaking, it isn’t at all. but here’s just a fraction of what i think, tonight…

I think, there is an intention for the things placed before us. what we observe, why we bear witness to these incidence;  why they find the right to ingrain themselves within our thoughts – there is a purpose, and i don’t suppose these are whisked into existence upon mere coincidence.

perhaps at times, it is because we find a missing bit of ourselves, within these occurrences.

ps: more shall be explored on this in coming writings…



  1. Beautiful! At first I though this was a prose poem, and then I wasn’t so sure. A lyrical piece of creative non-fiction, perhaps. Either way, I love it. And I agree, things come to us with intention, a purpose, whether we notice them or not. But our lives our richer if we do notice and intuit the intention.


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