with the passing of tumbled daylight, the body seeks only the steady shifting of stillness. quiet movements, weaved into functional actions. filling of the water pot, flicking on the light switch, stretching the spine, gliding of calves on cold sheets. there is little desire for actions, too strenuous and unnecessary.

the belly, is satisfied not from food of comfort, but from the filling of it’s capacity – just sufficient. it sits in a weighted state, as air occupies certain parts where day’s liquid rumbles like tiny pebbles tumbling. the joints of arms, and limbs of feet will do what it’s told, as the mind heaves itself into bubbling thought.

the mind, is fatigued. having not received enough rest, shrouded with the darting of emotions at every angle of the day. among all it’s fellows, it has taken the harshest of beatings. In moments of actual bliss, uncertainty occupies the farthest corner of the mind. with crossed arms and an uneasy disposition, it probes mind for answers, explanations – ultimately; attention. Settling gleefully with uncertainty, are his eternal companions – doubt, and fear. How often they have each been mistaken for the other. They’re clothed in similar costumes, making their resemblance uncanny. How are any of us, supposed to tell the difference?

In the presence of uncertainty, doubt and fear – the possibility of hope and self-awareness is feasibly bleak and unlikely. This is what knowledge tells us; that fear and hope are unable to exist next to one another. It is either one, or the other under any circumstance. Like oil and water, they must remain separate – two completely opposite impulses. But are they really?

This probes an investigation into the existing relationship between light and darkness.

Allow me to gather my thoughts and reflections before delving further into this topic, which i am both excited and slightly uncertain about exploring. but tonight, this is writing for me; as it has always been. this opportunity to string letters into words and find a space deeper within myself in reflecting upon these tangible thoughts.


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