downward / inward

this is a moment outside of yourself.

your gasp for air is shallow, and only tiny bubbles of living pass through into your lungs. seconds are split into fragments that race past faster than the sound of light. find your breath; return to your center. if not, then; what?

there is no rhyme to this reason. it was never needed, but we did it anyway. our superiority swelled our heads larger-

as it welled with arrogance and despise.

a desire to understand the other, remains unguarded. a far cry from now. distorted perceptions are strewn all around, carelessly. they have been neglected under the immense pressure of our actions.

this is what suppression induces; hammering inward, forcing into –

all this, pushing

through, sliding beneath,

sweeping under;

pretense; the clock carries it’s heavy hand over

and we are still at it;

picking at this skeleton

that had long, left

the soul


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