blind judgment

We human beings, are wired in such a way that compels us to draw comparisons between ourselves and others. This has constructed what appears to be a reflex, upon brief observations of another. What stirs within us at first, is a mild and almost harmless judgment. This is swept within towards internal grounds, it’s presence known to no one else but that chatter within our head. Judgement, of any kind – be it of a superficial nature or one with more complex knowing; seldom keeps it’s initial shape in tact. It regulates it’s form and refines it’s presence each time we probe it for opinion.

The loom of judgement is never too distant, always lingering close to us. Judgement seeks to deceive us into believing what we think of others or ourselves, is accurate. We take what we see, as what we know to be gospel truth and place all importance into it. Dismissing all possibility that what meets the eye, is really only skimming the surface of a deep and murky lake.

Most times, of course – one cannot help but bring themselves to judge a book by it’s cover. It is after all, an inclination humans have towards the attraction towards aesthetics and outer appearances – however made. The same way, if we see a dark finned creature lurking beneath the ocean waves – we avoid it and fee from sea to sand, water to soil.

What we do with this judgement, when we have it in our hands – is something else altogether. Do we turn our focus towards nurturing a negative state of judgement? Or do we make conscious choice is leading it into a positive effect that stimulates growth and learning?

Judgement is not always understanding, or even taking a step back and viewing the bigger picture. Most times it isn’t.

It is a responsive action, habitual and so, so human.

It casts us to a position of uncertainty about ourselves. While also positioning us to think we know the darkness of a stranger’s life by the colour of their eyes.

It is a dangerous thing, Judgement.

We can only be wary with how our hands mangle it and how our mind will manipulate the first edition it receives.

We are as entitled to it, as we are right to take deep breaths, swim in the ocean at dark and stay up counting stars and sheep. But as most things beautiful and wild; treat it with gentleness and caution. Embrace it’s lightness when it is; so that we may be able to live through the heaviness of it.


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