anxiety calling

Anxiety convinces us to place our thoughts in the future.

It encourages us to layer a solid foundation, construct ongoing vertical shields, and dress this home with soft and cozy sheets of patchwork fabric. The call of anxiety and senseless worry is unceasing, and at times the only voice we find in the abandoned state of our heads. Perhaps it’s a tone familiar to our ears; like the ringing of an ice cream truck down the street. That is why we follow, because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by instincts they know well enough to ‘trust’.

It is not so much a temptation, as it is a misconception. A deranged perspective.

This state, defies reason and all measure of sensibility or logic. But anxiety does not care. It’s sole concern is that you have made a space within your mind, especially for it. Embellishing it’s existence with effort. It gloats at the thought of it, and grows larger and stronger as it does.

As our inclination towards reason climbs, anxiety halts it; dead in it’s tracks. The grip of it is on some days, firmer than others. On better days, we find ourselves able to slide away, from beneath it’s hand. Liquefying ourselves into soft habits, and narration of empowering statements in order to trick this disillusioned thought.


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