quiet wonder

The hidden mysteries of nature has been a keen topic of discussion. Along the sidelines of small talk, coffee table sittings, good friends meeting for the first time in a long time, children dressing themselves with mud at a play date. Nature exists in a magical world of it’s own. Despite our shallow awareness, we take our hands and plunge into it. As if ripe fruit, laid and ready for us to devour. We, brimming with the sole concern whether the fruit is edible and sweet enough to enjoy, but uncaring to it’s sustainability in harsh climate. Oblivious to it’s growth.

There are parts of the earth, left untouched in this instance. While corners have been so carelessly violated, and trudged upon, there is so much being done to preserve chosen grounds we thread on, yet segments are being unearthed at this very moment. How does one make this choice?  Carefully selecting which forest ground should be cultivated, nourished, nurtured and developed? Do we choose it by choice of aesthetics – Is Forest A lusher, greener, younger and therefore better than the elder forest C? or functionality – How much timber can we axe from these trunks?  The finality of choice is often chosen on the basis of how beneficial this action will be to humankind, to humanity. In foresight, does it really?

The thought of society’s capabilities, tickles an out pour of concerns within me. These of which did not happen suddenly, but have existed in a state of stagnancy. I am challenged at the notion of humanity – what does it mean to possess this quality or maintain position in this flawed, yet selfishly superior state?


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