dipping focus

The crease that differentiates attention and focus, is a subtle one. It isn’t quite a sharp edged fold, neither is it a bend, or a curve. This crease, is a gentle dip similar to one, defining the differences between knowing, understanding and accepting.

Focus comes flocked in gowns of concentration. It is the conscientious student, burning the midnight oil in dire hope of scoring a pass on tomorrow’s test. Focus resembles dilated pupils, projected towards a convex street, a driver steering away from where he knows he must avoid; the pedestrian, flickering yellow lights, a wild animal crossing. It is the tell tale sign of a creature hunting down it’s prey. To devour it, is all the hunter is concerned about and so it races towards the call of, focus.

Close your eyes for a bit, and think of the word focus. How is your mind illustrating this abstract notion? I imagine this as very dark lines, darting across one another in paths both parallel and perpendicular. crossing over and under and it’s journey continuous. It seeks to meet a given point, but not until these lines know of it’s location. Focus, is often a subdued blur. This in itself, is an irony.

I shall venture more into exploring these issues a little later…


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