green medicine

Till this day and age, medical science remains a baffling topic. It is mysterious, in ways through which medical miracles and unforeseen tragedies take place everyday. Each time, a young child’s pulse grows quiet to the compelling nature of genetics. A middle aged lady, heaving a world of relief in breath as she receives her results – Her tumor is benign, and the ultrasound shows no immediate risk is imposed as such. People are revived at scenes of supposed passing, bullets are extracted from seemingly unreachable crevasses.

A man, flesh tinted softly with a blue hue, is still breathing. His lungs, expanding and then falling. repeating; this gentle sequence of mellow movement. Every moment, a heartbeat ceases. For that person, their pumping heart has extracted all possibility of co existing within it’s shell.

In that exact moment, a few rooms down the hall – a new life is being held in the hands of a passing stranger. One she will not remember years from now – when she is sitting in warm bath water, wailing for life to release her. A newborn. So bright and shiny, even while covered with blood and motherly guts. A blossoming petal, forming within these dark and sunken mossy grounds. The light we all wanted to see, A glimmer of hope we needed to feel, so much

There are no words, for these medical phenomenons. Surely, there are logical scientific explanations and theories to prove that these aren’t made of mere magic – but simply, science. I choose to believe there is a sort of magic in these happenings. The way things happen, and pass on into our present existence. Sometimes, it’s a bubbling, green kind of magic. Sort of disgust and horror; stewed into my incomprehension of this reality. Life and passing, co existing side by side – sometimes too close to one another.


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