thought for thought

Ideas are fundamental building blocks. A layer of thickening concrete, spread thin awaiting the next and thereafter. They are built upon one another, making it difficult for one to exist without the other. A relationship, seemingly continuous if we will it to be. Ideas, occur as a powerful foundation from which greater actions are potentially encouraged. Some ideas, come disguised as passing thoughts. Eagerly shrugged off, we leave them untouched, and move on and away. Others, are forced into thinking. Pumped into action and only picked upon as a deadline approaches, or when we admit ourselves to an ‘inspiration corner’.

Thoughts aren’t always ideas. Although, they both function in a similar manner – rippling, expanding, frothing at a desire to multiply.

I sometimes think of thoughts as grains, heaving themselves through pin-tiny sieves. So pressing, weighing a whole emotional-tonne. Thoughts can be depressingly draining, and they often are on my end. Perhaps it is often because I allow myself to disappear in their presence, and grant them more power than I should. Particularly the bad thoughts, like maximized-strength venom injected, and the good cells; left to wither.

It elaborates, the strength of one’s will power and resilience – how a person sustains their thinking. How thoughts are incubated, nurtured, and adopted into daily action. It is puzzling – what one chooses to welcome in with open arms, or alternatively fend off, fiercely. I suppose it has much to do with human behavioral structure, which is ceaselessly intriguing and a cause for opinion and judgment to roar.

It all begins with a spark of curiosity, a desire to nurture thoughts which reciprocate light and goodness. As for those, drenched in horror and self deprecating cause – embrace them. For all that they are – detrimental and often gut-stirring but nonetheless, necessary. Allow them to happen, and then to pass.

For everything does, each time we loosen our grip.

When and if we permit it to just be.


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