spirit’s breath

We ingest what we hope to digest. Without much thought for a filter, absorbing the most mutilated of opinions upon ourselves. Gulping down a swallow, like medicine with a strong drink. Our eyes, half capped with blue veins peeking from beneath thin films of skin.Too afraid to open our eyes fully, yet too uncertain to shut them tight without knowing, for certain if…

Us humans, borne of instinctual attraction to the betterment of our aesthetics. We slip carelessly, in and out of an outward spiral. Prancing about in a frilly dress, and glamoured shoes all glittery and rich. Our faces, pulled and plucked into positions to enhance our given traits. Flock ourselves into large sheets of ambition, mistaken for direction. We confuse wealth for success and find our legs, hiking up shaky ladders, built on corruption.

Thrown of balance, aware of our short sightedness we try again. Choosing the same choices, shaking off our nodding conscience. We, so able and more than capable of invention and theory – are such slaves to our thoughts.

What have you consciously chosen to breathe in, today? What have you unconsciously taken into your being, today? Every moment, you have an opportunity to release what falters your spirit.

You may breathe out now.


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