shadow shifter

Dusk swept beneath it’s layers a lingering shine. Tonight’s moon is but a half degree of dim light; milky and sunken. What is it about the moon, that shifts and with it’s changing state – churns within us, change. Under it’s full presence, does it possess such power to morph the bodies of mere beings into that of ravenous, shadow shifting, creatures?

The wind latches fiercely unto this shape shifter, born into this ability at first bite. mythology tells us, these creatures are simply witches; dawning an animal’s hide to confuse it’s fellow. Running as the wild, too deep within the wilderness to be caught out.

I am curious to know more about this suspecting relationship between the moon and human mood. how the slant of an angle, is able to shape the molecules in human behavioral structure. The shade of a shadow, occupies a half handed grasp unto how we feel and function. here’s to not knowing much, but in that consciousness -an enlightenment to learn more.


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