give, joy

I have known some of the kindest souls, to exist.
I do know, some of thes

it may be a fistful, or barely grazing my fourth finger, but what a joyous gift it has been. one that will continue to be, for as long as i choose to be aware and present. there is a ringing, deep within me that tells me i am just skimming the surface. the paths, of those i’m about to cross are not just lessons to be learnt, but ideas, and knowings to be exchanged. across merry luncheons, amidst solemn get-to-gathers…the list could go on, for it is endless.

all around us, is scattered loss wavering through this earth. suffering, runs it’s length in veins bled dry and thin. the mention of pain, is no lacking in any one of our lives. these do not pass, unnoticed. it’s presence, sinks itself, between the crevasses our ribs and begs for our human touch.

here, an opening, one which sits before us. not an escapade, nor a way out. instead, a way of seeing and knowing – perhaps even before the wealth of it, is birthed before our eyes.

it is a quiet, unexplainable insight. the silence of our being nurtures this. internal stillness and compassion, extended forwardly- jolts this knowledge into a driving force. it propels our borne instinct to grow towards a light, no matter how dim.

there isn’t an exorbitant price, we will be asked to pay. not a breath of us, demanded to be expelled. all that is asked, is that we loosen our grits, and ground our thoughts in love, light and eternal gratitude.


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